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Generator Set Manufacturer

Founded in 1998, Dongguan Camda Generator Work Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized generator set manufacturer based in China. Our primary products include the diesel generator set, gas generator set, biogas pretreatment system and parabolic trough power generation system. We provide comprehensive solutions for plants that require these forms of power generation. Our services include the design, production, installation, operation, and maintenance of specialty generator sets. With an annual production capacity of 5000 units, we have become established as a leading manufacturer in the domestic industry.
  • Diesel Generator Set Powered by Cummins Engine
  • Diesel Generator Set Powered by Cummins Engine Our diesel generator set powered by Cummins engine comes with the power ranging from 21KW to 1320KW and the voltage of 380V, 400V, or 415V for option. Equipped with CCEC Cummins special PT fuel pump, it achieves low fuel consumption. It also enjoys stable speed due to the unique GAC or EFC speed governor. Adopting advanced emission control technology, the emission is low and compliant with the international emission standards. As Cummins maintenance and spare parts distribution centers are available in many countries around ...
  • Diesel Generator Set Powered by Perkins Engine
  • Diesel Generator Set Powered by Perkins Engine Our diesel generator set adopts Perkins engine that is originally manufactured by USA Carterpillar and UK Rolls-Royce, using the latest technology and high strength wear-resistant materials to ensure high quality. The genset is also provided with Leroy Somer alternator manufactured by EMERSON group, ensuring compact structure and high efficiency. Prior to delivery, it will be strictly tested to ensure that the quality can reach international standard.
  • Silent Diesel Generator Set
  • Silent Diesel Generator SetOur silent diesel generator set is equipped with container type soundproof canopy, allowing for overall lifting. Due to the ultra-large capacity canopy, it can operate for at least 8 hours without pause. The efficient anti-vibration method ensures balanced working of the equipment, while the ventilation and thermal radiation measurement allows it to always run in an appropriate ambient temperature.
  • CAMDA Gas Generator
  • CAMDA Gas Generator Our CAMDA natural gas generator or biogas generator is composed of an engine developed and produced together by Cummins and CAMDA. Because of the durable engine body, the gas engine enjoys a long service life up to 30 years. Over 90% spare parts are made in Cummins factory, so that the user has easy access to high quality accessories. In addition, the equipment is manufactured in compliance with CE, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007 standards, so that the user can feel secure in using it.
  • CAMDA Biogas Purification System
  • CAMDA Biogas Purification SystemThe CAMDA biogas purification system achieves a stable desulfuration efficiency of over 99.3%. It integrates biogas characteristics and improved gas desulfuration process once used in chemical and fertilizer industry. Upgraded on the basis of tannin extract desulfuration, this system has reached the international advanced level. Currently, it is widely utilized in our gas generator set.